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Senna Leaf


Health benefits of Senna
This wonderful herb is quite beneficial for the entire body. Exposure to radiation, environmental pollutants and harsh chemicals badly affect our skin health, leading to several skin ailments. Natural herbs are an effective and inexpensive way to get a glowing skin and keep skin problems at bay. Some of the ways in which senna can benefit our body are as follows.

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Since senna is a very strong purgative that may lead to stomach and abdominal pains, it is generally used with herbs that are aromatic and carminative (something that relieves flatulence or colic by expelling gas). For instance, it is always advisable to take senna with herbs like cardamompeppermintginger root and fennel to enhance the herb’s delectableness. According to the history of the herb, it has also been used to treat provocative skin conditions, hypertension as well as to control weight.

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