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Wild Oat Straw


Properties and use:

Antispasmodic, nervine, stimulant. Oats are used primarily for their nutritional value; they are of particular benefit in special diets for convalescents or for those with certain illnesses, including gastroenteritis and dyspepsia.

Oat extract and tincture are useful as nerve and uterine tonics.

A tea made from oat straw is used for various baths, which, when taken regularly, are helpful for various baths, which, when you use this method regularly, are helpful for various diseases:

A FULL BATH: Good for rheumatic problems, lumbago, paralysis, liver aliments, and gout, kidney, and gravel problems.

A SITZBATH: Good for bladder and abdominal problems, intestinal colic, and bedwetting.

A FOOTBATH: Good for tired or chronically cold feet.

A LOCAL WASH: Good for skin disease, flaky skin, frostbite, chilblains, wounds, and eye problems.





ADD/ADHD: Nervous system nutritive and tonic for mental stress, nervousness, over-work, exhaustion, weakness. Improves mental concentration, focus. Eases stress, tension, depression, insomnia but improves mental clarity. Excellent for transitioning and weaning off neurological medications.

ALCOHOL/TOBACCO/DRUGS: Excellent for weaning off alcohol, drugs, opiates, narcotics. Invigorating without intoxication, or over stimulation. Improves clarity and focus. Restores proper nerve functioning; eases a racing heart or palpitations.

DRUG DETOX: Drug addiction, morphine, heroin, opium, cocaine, marijauna, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, anti-depressants (i.e. Prozac). Relieves chronic insomnia, impotency, amenorrhea, palpitations. Aides nervous exhaustion, fatigue, sexual weakness, poor circulation. For effects of anxiety, worry, over-study, relieves headache in occiput. Weans people off drugs while providing a healthy substitute “lift”.

FATIGUE: Exhaustion, from work, study, illness, drugs, alcohol, sexual excess. Nurtritive  effect on the brain, rather than temporary stimulatory effect. Greatly sharpens mental acuity, focus, memory before an exam. Eases heart palpitations, effective for insomnia due to overfatigue.

IMPOTENCE/MALE INFERTILITY: Impotence due to nervous exhaustion, overwork, mental stress. Helps with substance withdrawal. Neurological tonic, improves libido.

MEMORY LOSS: Treats nervous and mental exhaustion after illness overwork or study. Promotes mental clarity, focus, memory, concentration, attention span. Helps correct insomnia, relieves nervous tremors.

MENOPAUSE: Eases tension, lowers cholesterol, improves circulation. Helps strengthen bones, relieves headache and depression. A longevity herb.

STRESS: same effects as other herbs listed.



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