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Crown Chakra Tea Bath


The Crown chakra tea bath gives clarity of mind with the crisp scent of Passion flower, wild oat straw, chickweed, jasmine flower and jasmine leaf and lavender essential oil.

Use: Increase Intuitive power, wisdom, spirituality, care for the well-being of others seeing them as a part of you.

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The Crown Chakra

The Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is the sahasrara chakra. Sahasrara means “thousand” or “thousandfold.” The symbol for this chakra is a thousand petal lotus blossom. The number one thousand represents the highest fulfillment and perfection. This chakra is also known as the thousand petaled lotus or the seventh chakra. The most important energy path of energy is called sushumma. It runs from the root chakra at the base of the spine up through the crown chakra. Through this pathway arises a serpent power, kundalini, which stands for the rising of human potential.

Through one’s journey of spiritual development, the Shakti power, which resides within the root chakra is awakened. It rises upward, animating all of the other chakras through which it flows, and then finally merges with universal consciousness in the crown chakra, which represented by the Shiva. The Shiva lives in the crown chakra. The journey of darkness into light is beautifully symbolized by the lotus.

Many images show this chakra as violet or white color. The exalted quality of the crown chakra is mirrored in nature by lofty mountaintops. It is mostly active during the phase of the new moon. The chakra cannot be matched with any element or tone.

The central theme of the crown chakra are spirituality, self-realization and enlightenment. Once we reach this stage of development represented by the crown chakra, we attain consciousness of or divine nature and the deepest sense of peace. The development of this center leads to personality to the highest level and results in a profound transformation. One becomes mahatma, a great soul.

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