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Boost Immune Body (Skin)


This unique blend of ingredients for the Soap and the Tea is designed to Boost your Immune Body (Skin). This combination of herbs, flowers, oils and raw ingredients can protect you from skin irritations i.e, yard plants, bushes and shrubs. In addition can make the skin less likely to inflame from outdoor irritants like flies and mosquitos.

Sip & Settle by Octeavia’s Boost Immune Body

Soap Bars average size 3.20oz

Tea Blends average cups 4

Enjoy Your Summer Days & Nights!

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Strawberry Leaf

Dried Strawberry

Lemon Slice

Frankincense Oil

Honey Soap Base

Raw Almond Butter

Tea Blend:

Stinging Nettle

Rose Hips

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Weight 5 oz


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